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In one of my favorite recent projects, Kelloggs created (and is hoping to go viral with) a new Chicken character -- to convince us to eat cereal for dinner. (Yes, I work on ads that are offensive). 

Framestore Chicago called on me to rig and animate + explore this new chicken character.  Such a lovely team to work with!

This new Chicken character is based on Ben Stine, Feathers McGraw, and Droopy.  What makes Ben Stine special?  And how do we pipe that into our Chicken?  While I love to rig and animate, usually characters already have a history and personality.  It's such a treat to work with the director to decide who this character is, what he does and does not do.  In the process we have observational notes and reference images from Ben Stine's money show, we created a walk-cycle and facial animation, we also created a timeline of poses to help future animators (and me) to understand the character.

While 10% of my work made it to the commercial, we built a good base for Chicken that can be used for the future.  And in doing so, the animation for these simple shots were signed off quite quickly.  

Credits: Russell Miller - CG Lead, John Owen - Producer, Francisco Dias animated the brand characters.


Stills from the final.  Chicken R&D notes to come.

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