References - Asheville

  • Banks Creative

    Tim and Erin Banks (husband and wife duo) are each phenomenal Illustators.  Recently, they have combined efforts to offer the world Banks Creative ( The result of their Design+Illustration makes them a hands-down, one-off experience.  I love their work and working with them!  Want more illustration? Head over to or to see more.

  • Greg Herman - Director, Writer, Designer

    Greg is a director/writer/cinematographer with an unbelievable, award-winning background in design.  He lives in Black Mountain and I'm constantly amazed at the type of work this man is doing from little ole Asheville -- not to mention, the loveliest family in Black Mountain area.  Any collaboration with Greg is a peaceful one!  More info at Yes, his site includes a link to his design work, you'll want to see that too.

  • Andrew Kinnear - Kinnear Design

    I recently met Andrew Kinnear (by way of my wife, his mom, and his brother. Wow!).  He is new to Asheville, and has a great handle on design, web, wordpress-like customization, editing, and much more!  He has a good history with fantastic clients -- and I cannot wait for an animation collaboration with this cat. for more.  Tell him Joshua sent you!

  • Justin Bernard - Angry Bear

    I have admired Justin's design abilities since art school.  We both ended up in Asheville after 10 years of work on opposing coasts. I'm constantly amazed at the talent sitting in lil ole AVL.  Justin's design spills into print, web, interactive, kiosk displays, inventions, the list is endless.  Justin runs a small, award winning team called Angry Bear. Find more at and tell him Joshua sent you!